2008. Here is an image from (RUS)H, a multimedia show I directed by James Scruggs at 3LD (while HERE was being renovated). Pictured is Lathrop Walker, Marc Bovino, Luis Vega and Dax Valdes.  (the goofy oval cropping is cause I snagged the image off the HERE site)

(RUS)H - photo by James Scruggs

With (RUS)H, we were wrestling with the idea of sensation in our de-sensitized world: how far are you willing to go to feel something? Told in a non-linear format with text, dance, movement, media and music, we wove together the fragmented memories of a man, his wife and the unlikely man he befriends. In order to reveal the emotional underbelly of the characters, we developed experimental video puppets just for this project. This was a real trial-and-error process, which involved six prototypes, three different approaches to the media content, and numerous work-in-progress showings. We integrated text, gesture, salsa, tango, and fight choreography with complex video imagery.  To spark dialogue with our audiences about the central issues in the work, we organized three panel discussions which included passionate conversations among artists, panelists and audiences.


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