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I am a director of hybrid work based in NYC.  Over the last 20 years, I have created 27 works for the stage, including 12 original hybrid works, 8 adaptations of novels & short stories and 7 classic plays.

I make theatre because it forges community. I seek to create immediate, substantive work that engages the complexity and intensity of today’s culture. I work in a collaborative, process-driven way to fuse different disciplines into a cohesive whole.

I am a co-founder and Artistic Director of HERE, where I cultivate artists and programs all events for two performance spaces–including 17 OBIE-award winners—for an annual audience of 30,000. I am also a Co-Director of the Prototype Festival.

I recently premiered TRADE PRACTICES, a live art interactive work, for which I am developing an American tour. I am also in the early stages of two new projects. I am currently developing IDIOT, a hybrid adaptation of Dostoevsky’s novel for four actors and video.


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In the fall of 2013, I workshopped a new 90-minute adaptation of Henrik’s Ibsen’s play with undergraduate and graduate students at CalArts. We started work on crafting a dynamic physical-theatre piece with video and puppetry. I am very excited to refine these ideas further in a full production down the road.


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In the fall of 2012, I developed a condensed 90-minute version of Anton Chekhov’s classic with undergraduate and graduate students at Sarah Lawrence. We created a really fun, heightened dance-theatre piece with video. I am very excited to refine these ideas further in a full production down the road.


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A historic building on Governors Island was transformed into a living market in this immersive site-specific event. After a breezy ferry ride, the audience entered a fun and interactive world of booms and busts, as they followed a fictional currency company’s evolution from family business to publicly-traded corporation. Cash in hand, the audience chose how to invest their time and money.

TRADE PRACTICES was created  by director Kristin Marting, and designer David Evans Morris (along with writers Erin Courtney, Eisa Davis, Robert Lyons, Qui Nguyen, KJ Sanchez, and Chris Wells and designers Liz Bourgeois, Jared Mezzocchi, Natalie Robin, Jane Shaw, and Gil Sperling). The show premiered on August 31, 2014. We are currently putting together an American tour.

Check out our TRADE PRACTICES Slide Show.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our blog here for more info.


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An interactive live art event, LUSH VALLEY is hatched by a creative artistic team and shaped nightly by an ever-expanding community of you. LUSH VALLEY invites audience members to abandon their spectator hats and become key players in shaping an alternative national ethos through real-time video interviews, citizenship tests, lectures, voting, and historical hallucinations. Have a hand in building LUSH VALLEY, your own idyllic-yet-realizable society, and rediscover this country as the home of differences.

LUSH VALLEY was created  by dramaturg Yana Landowne, director Kristin Marting, and video artist Tal Yarden (along with writers Robert Lyons and Qui Nguyen and designers Oana Botez, Chris Kuhl, Clint Ramos and Jane Shaw). The show premiered on September 11th, 2011 at HERE. We are currently putting together an American tour leading up to the 2012 election.

Check out a LUSH VALLEY Slide Show

If you would like to learn more, please visit our blog at lushvalleyproject.wordpress.com for more info.


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A rock star swims for her life. A past resurfaces.

Rock goddess Leda feels it coming, from deep down, from the ocean.  It won’t bow to her grief.  Hear it?  Lust, longing, life, chaos.  The music.  The Stranger.  SOUNDING is a new cross-disciplinary production for seven characters that pays homage to Ibsen’s LADY FROM THE SEA. Live cinema surges onto stage in this multi-media play set to an original soundtrack inspired by Patti Smith, Bartok and Portishead. Written by Jennifer Gibbs and directed by Kristin Marting. February-March 2010.

Check out our slideshow with photos by Carl Skutsch: SOUNDING Slide Show

Check out more on our blog:   http://soundingproject.wordpress.com


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1991 After spending a year adapting Dostoevsky’s epic novel, THE POSSESSED, with my collaborator Robert Lyons, I began rehearsal with a 14 person cast. About a week into rehearsal when we began the process of taking exploratory work and translating it into staging, I began to instinctually feel the space for the first time as a director. In the past, I had intellectually analyzed the space and made my choices. It was liberating and thrilling to instinctually feel what the strongest choice spatially was.


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